Shell Lake, WI – Enoch Flow Records may have launched in 2018, but the foundation first started being put in place nine years ago. Owner Ted Ricci became immersed in the Christian Hip Hop culture to the point where he wanted to do more than simply listen to the music, he wanted to support it.

“This summer I felt God call me to make music, however, I am a very bad rapper. With it being obvious that going the route of an artist was not for me, I began building relationships with artists that would lead to the forming of Enoch Flow.”

As Ricci has become more involved in CHH, he noticed a growing need for community. He wanted to bring people together to glorify Christ. With no questions asked and no certain idea of where his path was heading, he followed God’s leading and went where He said to go.

“One thing that I learned early on is that if you want to be taken seriously you need to conduct your business correctly. I went through the process of becoming an LLC. Shortly after that, God blessed the label with some amazing artists who confirmed this vision and wanted to help move it forward.”

The growing roster for Enoch Flow is not made up of no-name artists. Instead, you will find artists who have been grinding, paying their dues, and climbing up the ranks of CHH.

J-Phish recently released the single “How About Now?”, with production from Derek Minor and PoetiCS, in partnership with Enoch Flow Records. J-Phish and Enoch Flow will also be releasing a joint EP in 2019.

Listen on Spotify – J-Phish “How About Now”:

Xay Hill has had a busy 2018 and he recently dropped the single “Let It Shine” in partnership with Enoch Flow. Hill is set to release another single “Clear”, featuring Tre’Gadd and production by Derek Minor, with support from Enoch Flow. He will also be pushing out an EP in conjunction with the label as well.

Listen on Spotify – Xay Hill “Let it Shine”:

Azrael is the first artist signed to Enoch Flow. Azrael is new on the CHH landscape, but his talent is hard to ignore. His first project, “Vines & Branches” is expected to release in January 2019.

Enoch Flow is distributing their content via Trackstarz distribution service Nectar. The Atlanta, GA based Trackstarz is a leading platform in the CHH community and their promotion/distribution arm (Nectar) has seen tremendous growth in 2018. Ricci recently stated via Twitter,

“We want to give a shout out to @NectarElite and @Trackstarz for helping make the label’s first release a bigger success than we would have expected already. If you want to take your ministry to the next level they are amazing to work with.”

The label is planning a “grand opening” at the beginning of the year. They have a lot of content planned to drop over 2019’s first quarter. You can follow Enoch Flow Records and Ted Ricci on social media to stay informed on the latest from the upstart label:

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