October 31, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Erica Campbell – I Luh God

Erica Campbell - I Luh God

There has been a little buzz in the church about this song lately and that is alarming. Not because the song is appealing to young Christians and even non-Christians, but because some church people feel like it’s not appropriate to relate this song to traditional gospel music. Well there is no reason to be upset because it’s not a traditional gospel song. It’s a scorcher for God laid over a hip hop track!

Many have said the younger generation is long gone and strayed away from God. Well known Christian artist, Erica Campbell made a song that is relevant to the younger generation. In fact, generations young and old love this song because of its great message; announcing our love for God. If this song ministers to a generation that we say is long gone then we should leave it be. We should encourage Erica Campbell and others to speak to this generation and unashamedly announce their love for God.

Turn Up!
Turn Up Erica! “I Love God!”

Have we ever once stopped and thought about maybe the pews in the church are less populated with young people because of our attitude towards younger people? Not accusing anyone but presenting a thought to ponder on. Maybe we should do less of accusing others and more encouraging others because the new church is here and it’s coming strong! “I Luh God, oh you don’t Luh God? What’s wrong with you?”?

Please take a few minutes of your time to check out this awesome interview of Erica Cambell by CNikka.com

(Buy “Erica Cambell 2.0 Here On iTunes)

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