September 22, 2020

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Ernest Musik – Lights On (Ready To Go) Music Video

Ernest Musik - Lights On (Ready To Go) Music Video

Lights On (Ready to Go) is a story about the transformation Jesus Christ made in Ernest’s life after living a life of willful sin.

This is his testimony and the focus is those who listen will be inspired to seek Christ Jesus for themselves and build a personal relationship with him.

The title “Lights On (Ready to Go)” implies that he has experienced the truth (Jesus Christ) and exposed him to the lifestyle of deception that he was living in and now ready to follow Him wherever He leads no matter how rough it gets.

Ernest now understands and wants others to know the truth. That God wants to use him to be a light to others.

Video – Ernest Musik – “Lights On (Ready To Go)”:

produced by TeeO Productions

From The Heart Download Here:

Short Bio:

Ernest Brown III, known as Ernest Musik, is a very gifted Singer/Songwriter. Originally from Cleburne Texas, he and his wife Erica now reside in Fort, Worth.

Ernest found his calling in music his freshman year of high school while performing in front of a crowd, ever since then Ernest has been working hard on crafting his vocal skills into perfection and refuses to be known as a computer singer because he sounds the same way as he does when he sings in a studio.

Ernest had been in numerous groups but as of 2013 he is a full- fledged solo artists and has rededicated his life over to Christ. Ernest is the proud founder of Outreach ministry “GPUAO” which stands for “Gods People United As One” which is dedicated to saving lives for Christ.

As of 2017 Ernest recently signed with Renew Your Mind Records and released his debut mixtape solo album “From The Heart” with the label February 14th 2018. He is currently working on releasing his second album. Ernest’s says “my messages will help inspire others to not only serve Jesus but to do it in the right way, God bless you all and keep Him first”.

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