April 10, 2021


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Eshon Burgundy – Don’t Shoot the Messenger – Album Alert

Eshon Burgundy - Don’t Shoot the Messenger - Album Alert

Eshon Burgundy releases highly anticipated album “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”.

You would have to be sleeping under a rock if you haven’t heard the claims from Eshon Burgundy of being a Hebrew. You may have questioned his claims, you may not agree with his claims.

Eshon Burgundy Response To People Before “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”

Well Eshon answers all the questions for the listeners and double downs on what he said on his album “Don’t Shoot the Messenger.”

Eshon’s message is still the same and consistent throughout the album. I’ll admit I don’t know everything about being a Hebrew, but I know I’m still hearing Eshon saying Christ is still the way to the Father and I heard lyrics about the Holy Spirit on throughout the album.

So I humbly ask, what’s the problem with what he is saying? Let us know in the comments.

Music Video – Eshon Burgundy- “Nothing but the blood”

Directed by: Eshon Burgundy
Shot by: Harlem Hairston for GDLK Films

Eshon Burgundy – Staircases (Official Video)Produced by Conductor Williams:

Get the new Project here: Don’t Shoot the Messenger:


1. Don’t shoot
2. Belly
3. I knew you loved me ft. Lucius Rouser
4. Nothing but the blood
5. Sins of omission ft. Japhia Life
6. Israel thoughts ft. Chevaun Benjamin
7. Fall away ft. Zara Royalty
8. Staircases
9. Goggles ft. Chvrch + Tone Spain
10. Angelic ft. Fern

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