Eshon Burgundy drops the lead single from upcoming Passover EP. “Gunz x Roses” features production from Apollo Brown.

Hot Bars:

“But I know the Savior’s the only way to keep this nation in tact/
That’s why my only demonstration will be stating the facts/
A nation full of lost white n blacks
God shine a light/
And bring us all together Black brown tan and white/
One nation under God the part of the pledge nobody likes/

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Eshon Burgundy made his debut in the world if hip-hop in 2007. That year he featured on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s Return of the Magnificent and Hezekiah’s Rawkus Records release; I Predict a Riot. Since then Eshon has released multiple projects, including his most recent, 2015 Billboard charting album The Fear of God (Humble Beast Records). This time Eshon has graced an Apollo Brown production, an original song over 2 years in the making.

Stream: Eshon Burgundy “Gunz x Rosez” (prod. Apollo Brown)

Download: Eshon Burgundy “Gunz x Rosez” (prod. Apollo Brown)

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