September 23, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

Ethio Kid – “Back Then” Music Video

Ethio Kid - "Back Then" Music Video

Ethio Kid “Back Then” is a short description of  Ethio Kid’s life back in the days when he was young and reckless.

Ethio Kid says, “I remember being always in trouble in school and in the streets but thank God he always kept me safe. Those times was kind of confusing for me cause I didn’t know what the true meaning of being a Christian and it was later when God revealed his glory to me.

So trough my journey, I want to thank my brothers and my older folks for always keeping sure that I keep my head straight.”

Audio – Ethio Kid – “Back Then”:

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Snapchat: samuel_ethio17

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