April 14, 2021


Changing the Culture 4 God

FeelJones – Don’t Fall Off

FeelJones - Don't Fall Off

FeelJones drops “Don’t Fall Off“!

FeelJones says, “I wrote “Don’t Fall Off” as a reminder to myself, and others to never lose focus. Never Break. Never Bend.

As a Christian there are so many obstacles that try to take us off course; side track us and may even try to defeat us. Don’t allow those distractions to setup shop in your life. Don’t Fall Off.”

Audio – FeelJones – “Don’t Fall Off“:

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FeelJones Bio:

Chicago native gospel artist FeelJones brings a refreshing perspective on the genre, as his music trickles in and out of the mainstream appeal production wise, but his pen flows like a true R&B artist. The only difference is that FeelJones applies his talents to God, keeping his tone and message positive and friendly for all.

FeelJones has been captivating audiences across the country for nearly two decades with his voice and energy. He has strategically carved out his own sound and that sound is meant to inspire, uplift and make you move. He is ready to continue his journey on spreading positive vibes.