Healthy leaders make for healthy organizations.

1. Value People More Than Tasks

This first leadership axiom is one that I will occasionally just put on a post-it note on the top of my computer. Slow down and see people. Because I’m such a driven leader, I can be task before people by nature. I am sure there are others who feel the same way, right? Yet leadership is all about people, influence, and relationships. It has taken me some time to learn that I can get a lot done, but if I’m bulldozing people in the process, I’m not an effective leader. Leadership means taking people along the way and I know that I need to be intentional to slow down, to see people, to engage. When I do this, the results of valuing people over tasks have a far greater reward than the reward of knowing the task is complete. This is more Christ-like anyway and Jesus’ concern for people needs to be reflected in my leadership form and function.

2. Lead Yourself Well to Lead Others Better

One of the things that I am just deeply passionate about is the concept of self-leadership, as I believe that it has a direct correlation to our ability to lead others more effectively. The importance of leaders being intentional about our spiritual, emotional, physical, and relational well-being cannot be understated. Our inability to honestly evaluate our lives holistically may eventually disqualify us from the race God has called us to run. Good leaders tend to observe various dimensions of their life and recognize, “If I’m not leading myself well in that area, I am not going to have overflow to lead my teams, and those I have influence with.” Self-leadership benefits the team and organization ultimately.

3. Love Learning and Be Intentional Not to Plateau

Every leader has their ceiling, …

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