October 31, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God



Coast To Coast – F​iveTwenty Collective is a Christian Hip Hop (CHH) platform that promotes independent artists and looks to provide a space where they have an opportunity and a voice.

During 2019, FiveTwenty has held two #BarsChallenge competitions. The result is the new song “Lion’s Den” that features the winners of those two challenges.

Jus Josef and LilRed bring their lyrical abilities on the verses of the track while OfflinePK performs the hook and handled production duties.

The song is an upbeat, west coast vibe with a melody line that sticks in your head long after you listen.

“We are excited to finally get this release out. A lot of hard work went into and we learned a lot during the process. This is a starting point as we look to add to the CHH space that we all love.

We not only want to be consumers, but contributors as well while pushing the Kingdom forward” stated FiveTwenty Collective founder Eric Boston.

Audio – F​iveTwenty Collective “Lion’s Den” Jus Josef, LilRed and OfflinePK:

“Lion’s Den” is available across digital outlets, including Spotify:

Song Credits:
Features – O​ fflinePK, Jus Josef, LilRed Production – O​ fflinePK
Mix – ​OfflinePK
Mastering – ​Calvin Venus
Artwork – ​Eric Boston AdditionalWriting-E​ ricBoston Distribution – ​Nectar Distro
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About FiveTwenty Collective

FiveTwenty Collective exists to unite those who support the CHH culture. The goal is for unity to spur an environment of Accountability, Constructive Criticism, Promotion, and Discipleship as we look to further the culture and the Kingdom.

Think of FiveTwenty Collective as an information resource both for fans of the culture and those on the inside alike. Get a closer look at CHH artists, learn about Platforms that are promoting CHH, and connect with those who offer Services that aide in expanding ministries. CHH is a lifestyle built on faith, faith in Jesus Christ. At FiveTwenty Collective we are going to “speak to the people all the words of this life”. We are more than a community of creatives. We are a people, the Body, the Church, that has been charged with a very specific mission by the Son of Man. Are you willing to engage in carrying out this mission within our culture? Get involved in FiveTwenty Collective now!

Follow FiveTwenty on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @FiveTwentyCHH.

About Jus Josef

Jus Josef is an independent Christian Hip Hop (CHH) artist from the Pacific Northwest, originally from Los Angeles, CA, he has lived in both Oregon and Washington state.

Josef brings a passionate and raw sound that is a gritty testimonial to the CHH culture. His music reflects the street life but points the discussion towards salvation. He has been rapping since he was a kid, finding himself battling other rappers at local parties.

When he turned 18, Josef began working on making music professionally as a way to escape poverty and depending on drug money as an income stream. His 2018 release, ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, is a message that Josef said: “was inside of me for a long time.” “I want to reach those who come from the streets that may be struggling with their walk. Also, I want to attract the lost and share the gospel with them.”

Connect with OfflinePK: @Offline_pk (Twitter) @OfflinePK (all other platforms)

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