September 27, 2020

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Focused on the situation

Focused on the Situation

Often times I fall weak on my faith and I stay focused on the situation I’m in at that time.

Reference for my devotion: (Matthew 14:22-31 NLT)

A situation came up about four years ago at the start of the recession for me and my wife. It’s easy to remember because our twins were born before a storm hit.

About eight weeks after our twins were born my wife went back to work only to be laid off shortly after getting back to the job. At the time we took it positive and said The Lord wanted this to happen so my wife could resume school to further her career in the medical field.

The Hurricane Hit

I was making enough to weather the storm and then the hurricane hit. A week after my wife got laid off her job. My job reduced my time in half. I was frantic and lost focus on Jesus and started looking at the situation.

We lost our new SUV first, then we lost our car. Then my work transportation went down. The central air and heat went out in the house in August. This is the hottest part of the year in Alabama.

Throw in we had a heavy rain and the basement revealed a leak and then the foreclosure came and we had two infants and two teenagers in the house to feed. Last but not least. We rented a house after losing ours and lost it a year later.

I was so focused on our situation that I lost focus on Jesus Christ. Just like Peter when he was walking on water when Jesus told him to come to him.

Peter started focusing on the mist of the storm. He started focusing on his surroundings and when he took his eyes off Jesus he began to sink. Just like Peter, I began to sink when I took my focus off God.

Four years later we are in a new house, cars have been replaced. Wife has a permeant job and my job is still operational. Jesus Christ is awesome! He reached out and grabbed us, stop us from drowning just like we were Peter.

Our kids are fine and money sometimes gets tight but we thank God for what we have.

When you get in a trial or storm keep your eyes on Jesus Christ and have the faith to believe He will deliver you through the situation.

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