October 25, 2020


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Gerry Skrillz “Godspeed (feat. Ki’shon Furlow)”

Gerry Skrillz "Godspeed (feat. Ki'shon Furlow)"

Gerry Skrillz “Godspeed (feat. Ki’shon Furlow)”

San Diego based Gerry Skrillz has released a new stirring single titled “Godspeed” featuring Ki’shon Furlow. “Godspeed” is the first song to be released from Skrillz upcoming EP that is expected to release later this year. The track features production by Soundnami & OnBeat Music.

When our circumstances reach either difficult or pleasing states it often reveals where we place our love and hope. This is no different for the person who has surrendered their life to Christ and is learning to walk with Him. This world offers endless options to fulfill the desires of our flesh and temporary remedies to relieve the sorrow and pain of living in a fallen world. Godspeed aims to remind our generation that no amount of alcohol or drugs will ease our hurt and that the emptiness that we attempt to fill with money, material things, and our every desire will only leave us unsatisfied. If we place our hope in good deeds, wealth, power, and religion; we will quickly learn that they will surely fail us. Our only hope lies in the salvation of God’s grace through the sacrifice of His son Jesus.

We have been created by and for an eternal God and our souls yearn to bring Him glory. We cannot be content, or rest in the blessings we currently have until we learn to stop chasing cheap imitations of our loving God and chase after Him as our only hope.

“I wrote this song with the intention of encouraging our generation to endure our present troubles in a fallen world and to be truly content in our salvation above any other temporary relief,” shares Gerry.

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