God's Love Garden

God’s Love Garden

“God’s Love Garden” by Jeanette Quinton:

(Isaiah 58:11) The Lord will guide you always;he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.You will be like a well-watered garden,like a spring whose waters never fail.

Grace is an empowerment of our hearts. Our hearts are the God-given gardens that He has given us to help witness to others. We are to show love, kindness, mercy, grace, forgiveness to our neighbors, friends, family, strangers. These God-given gardens of love are constantly growing and are in need of cultivating.

They are alive, beautiful and gifts from our Abba father to help spread His word, His love, His light to others.

We must be weary of weeds in our garden. Pruning is a necessary part of keeping our garden beautiful and riddled with God’s light of love. As such, we must be diligent to dig out any thorny bushes, weeds that grow out of negativity, unfaithfulness, unforgiveness, the total opposite of God’s light love.

Watering our garden daily is a must by reading His word, staying connected to His love by praying and speaking to Him without ceasing providing the much needed nourishment to keep our love garden vibrant.

Love wins all and is the strongest language of God and tool for sharing with others.

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2 thoughts on “God’s Love Garden

  1. That’s true,I myself am guilty of letting thorns in my garden. I have to watch out for things that keep me from growing closer to God. I’m still growing and pruning myself. Amen. 😉

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