September 22, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

HeeSun Lee Q&A Interview

HeeSun Lee Interview

HeeSun Lee Interview

We want to thank HeeSun Lee for taking the time out of her schedule to sit down and do this interview. Go buy her album, “Beauty For Ashes.” You will not be disappointed!

1. How did u get into Chh?

I started rapping when I was around 17, and all of my lyrics were about my struggles and my faith. My husband Tim (boyfriend at the time) was playing basketball with a friend and the friend told Tim that his cousin is part of a Christian Record Label. We set up a meeting, and it was history after that. 

2. How are you changing the culture for God?

I’m trying to break stereotypes and let all people know that they are more than what society places on them. Whether we are Christian or not, I want to direct people to new mentalities and choices. And while doing so, I let them know who I  represent, which is God. 

3. Who are u listening to that we should be listening too?

I probably listen to the same people you listen to, LOL.

 4. What do you hope people will get out of your music and your new album?        

Beauty For Ashes – That we were made from nothing and God transformed us into something beautiful. It kind of relates to the whole “I break stereotypes” theme as well. That if we realize our worth in Christ (the beauty part), then we can go out and live our lives different from everyone else. We can see that we are meant to be different! 

5. Who influenced you the most in music and in life? 

God… my parents, and some old school rappers. I was a big fan of Tupac (for his passion), Lauryn Hill for being fierce, and Eve for being a lady dominating the hiphop game without being trashy. 

6. Who would you like to work with in the future?

Eve! haha… I really have no preferences with features, but if a great one comes my way, I will definitely jump on it. 

7. How hard is it to separate business and your ministry?   

It can be really hard at times. Working with my team, we are all really close friends, but sometimes I have to remember that this a business and we gotta make moves to stay ahead of the game. I also wanna save lives and minister to people, but I can’t do that without being financially secure. So, as much as it gets complicated, I have to focus on being business-minded in order to get shows and support my family. 

8. On your longest day and hardest battle what scripture do you find strength in? 

Romans 12:2 – “do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

9. How much have you grown on this project, talent wise and Spiritual? 

VERY! All of the feedback that I’ve been getting has all been positive. People can definitely hear my growth and maturity as an artist. My flow has changed, my production was better, and my delivery was stronger. 

Spiritual wise I’ve grown as well because being an independent artist places more responsibility on me. Without being spiritually grounded, things can get completely out of order.

10. One of the biggest topics in the music business now is streaming, how does that affect you as an artist?

I think its great because it can reach more people to hear my music and in a faster time, but sales-wise it can hurt. I’m not a platinum selling artist so it doesn’t affect me as much, so I’m still kinda new to whole world of it. 


11. What’s your favorite track on your new album?

“I’m With You ft. Sam Ock”

12. What’s your outlook on social injustice that we are constantly seeing daily? How do you deal with it in a Christian way?

My husband is a cop and I’m Asian. I am clearly in the middle of all of this craziness going on. I see both sides and my heart hurts for everyone involved. I just try my hardest to stay prayed up and mentored as much as I can, so my way of thinking doesn’t get persuaded by the world. 

At the end of the day, God loves us all, even if society doesn’t make us feel that way. If we focus on God’s Word, we will be filled less with “hatred” and “judgments”. 

Our Featured Track “Treasure ft. Laguna Green”:

Please Support, Buy “Beauty For Ashes” Here:




1. Intro (See the Sun) ft. Laquan Green
2. All Out ft. Ted Smith
3. Beauty for Ashes
4. Underdog ft . SICILY, Butta P, and Wxnder y
5. In My Veins ft. Lyricks
6. Let Me Talk
7. Losing Faith ft. Tan Brown
8. Bloodlines
9. I Love You, Daddy
10. I’m With You ft. Sam Ock
11. Treasure ft. Laquan Green

Thanks again HeeSun Lee and we pray God continues to bless you in all you do!

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