September 18, 2020

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How to Welcome New Neighbors and Invite Them to Church at the Same Time

Invite new neighbors to church!

How to Welcome New Neighbors and Invite Them to Church at the Same Time

So, when I moved to Wheaton, I loved how my neighbors reached out and welcomed me.

They created a four-page (four page!) long list of things, including…

In Our Humble Opinion

Welcome to Wheaton, Stetzers!

I know you are going to find it to be a wonderful community to live in BUT it can be a little daunting at first. I moved into the brick house across the street from you when I was 12. Now we have lived in the cream house next door to that house for 23 years. I guess we like it here…

Thought I would share some tips from the 40+ years I have lived in Wheaton. Thus titled – In Our Humble Opinion.

  • Best Pizza for Deep Dish – Lou Malnati’s in Carol Stream – in a strip mall that faces Geneva Road to the west of Main Street (*at Geneva Road, Main Street Wheaton turns into Schmale Road) (Gino’s is walk to downtown Wheaton and so a good option but not my fav)
  • Best Pizza to Share – Bricks on Front Street in downtown Wheaton (near Starbucks)
  • Best Pizza Delivery – Papa Johns on President in Wheaton. Nothing fancy just good in a pinch.
  • Best Starbucks – Corner of Geneva Road and Main Street because it is a Drive Thru. Downtown Starbucks is TINY and always crowded…
  • Best Breakfast – I don’t even need to say because you will have your own opinion within a week. Everything social revolves around breakfast in Wheaton! The two rivals are Egg’lectic (corner of Hale & Wesley, as in really close!) and Egg Harbor (across the tracks on Hale) Moral of the story is PAY ATTENTION when you make breakfast plans or you can be waiting at the wrong location. There is also an Egglectic in Danada just to make it really confusing.
  • Best Chocolate – Grahams is amazing. Pricey but worth it. This is on Front Street between Hale and Main. A great go to gift. All handmade in either in Geneva (*cute town 25 minutes west down Roosevelt) or Wheaton. “CPR” is caramel chocolate covered pretzel rod. My kid’s favorite. Stop in just to smell the goodness.

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