April 17, 2021


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Illtalian – Supposed to Be (feat. Je’kob, prod. by Spec)

Illtalian - Supposed to Be (feat. Je'kob, prod. by Spec)

Illtalian and Je’kob spit over a hot track produced by Spec and tells everyone listening who they are “Supposed” to be!

Audio – Illtalian – Supposed to Be (feat. Je’kob, prod. by Spec):


Illtalian is an award-winning rapper from Hawaii of Italian and Filipino descent. His music has been featured on sites like Rapzilla, z180 Radio, and New H20, and has been played on radio stations ranging from Hawaii to the United Kingdom. Most recently, his song “Fade Away” was named a finalist in the Hip Hop category of the National John Lennon Songwriting Competition. He is the son of Tom Iannucci, the pastor of Breath of Life, and helps out at his father’s church when not pursuing music. Illtalian’s goal and the reason he raps is to reach others and let them know the amazing ways that Jesus has touched his life. Illtalian’s new album, “Makana,” was released on January 1, 2018, and features some of the biggest names in Christian Rap, including 1k Phew, Je’kob, Swift, and Gemstones, as well as production by Grammy-winner Alex Hitchens and Grammy nominee/Dove-winner Spec. Makana is dedicated to the memory of one of his best friends, Lucas Makana Riley, who was killed in a car accident in 2016.