October 29, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

International Show – Just Fury ( feat. Odessa Idahor)

International Show - Just Fury ( feat. Odessa Idahor)

International Show drops Just Fury ( feat. Odessa Idahor)

Story behind the “Just Fury (feat. Odeosa Idahor)”  Single:
When justice is erased, indignation is righteous, and fury is just… leaving JUST FURY.
This song was created for everyone who is ready to start having the hard conversations and discuss what is going on around us globally and truly seek to understand and uplift others.
We can create real change in the way we view/treat each other by creating safe spaces for open dialogue. #BLM

Audio – International Show – Just Fury ( feat. Odessa Idahor):

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International Show Bio:

International ShowAfter building a cadre of appearances in the secular Urban market, International Show
has shifted his life and music to a faith-driven focus. Show’s overall Hip-Hop artistry
eschews a common notion that Holy Hip-Hop is soft, trite, and contrived. Show’s work
is edgy, lyrical, poignant, and musically excellent.

A mature and seasoned musician, songwriter, and audio engineer, International Show
attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and is now one of the most sought after
producer-engineers in the industry. His ability to create music for multiple genres
earned him a place in the “elite” producers category.

International Show has worked with various artists throughout the US and abroad. Prior to his work in Christian Hip- Hop, Show served in many studio capacities on major releases by some of the most prominent names in Hip-Hop. To that end, his work has been heard repeatedly on mainstream radio, television, and media outlets.

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