September 27, 2020

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J.Lee the Producer announces New Album – Music Box

J.Lee the Producer announces New Album - Music Box

Oklahoma City, OK – J.Lee Productions is excited to announce the release of the Music Box album from the multi-talented J.Lee The Producer, available today at all digital outlets.

Music Box is a wide-range of intricate harmonies, melodies and beats all composed to support the continual inspirational message throughout the album.  The title track Music Box, is a perfect example of the album’s direction and summation with vocal harmonies, sound effects and instruments excellently layered over the tracks main underlying longing but reflective beat.  It’s the embodiment of the album, it personifies what is spoken in the beginning of the track itself, “but I hope the music we make has some staying power for the ones that do hear it, you know a memory attach to it...” The album is sure to be a success for in this Music Box there is a song and a message for everyone.

J.Lee The Producer has over 10 years of experience in music production and engineering.  He has successfully built J.Lee Productions into a highly sought after production company.

Music Box track list

1. Music Box Intro

2. Morning Glory (feat. Adam & Kizzie)

3. Fade Away (Kobe Bean) [feat. Sean C. Johnson]

4. Came Saw Conquered (feat. Adrianne Archie)

5. Fresh Wind (feat. Cooki Turner)

6. Rightly (feat. Marcellus Coleman)

7. I Said Nothing

8. Datgum (feat. Adam L.)

9. Music Box Melodies (feat. Jessica Leidy)

10. Music Box (feat. Cooki Turner and Thaddeus Johnson)

11. The Image (feat. Cam)

12. Questions (feat. Thaddeus Johnson)

13. Carry Me (feat. Tony Foster Jr.)

14. Music Box (Deuce)

15. Home (feat. Cooki Turner)

16. You Got It (feat. Kizzie Ledbetter)

17. Lift (feat. Marcellus Coleman)

18. Music Box (JLee)

19. A Crude Apology For The Divinity Of God (feat. Adam L.)

Music Box is available now at download & streaming outlets including:

Apple Music:

Google Play:



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