December 5, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Josiah Lowe – Hallelujah (feat. J-Phish) Music Video

J. Malinich - Hallelujah (feat. J-Phish)

J. Malinich collaborates with J-Phish and drops a hard single + video from his upcoming EP. Hallelujah is a must listen!

This track is a hard, aggressive, type of song focused on the fact that in life, things are going to be tough and bad things will happen, but God will get you through the fire. That is our Hallelujah!

Video – Josiah Lowe – “Hallelujah” (feat. J-Phish):

Mixed by: iseeyoukev
Art by: Damien Clinton

Josiah Lowe – Hallelujah (feat. J-Phish) Is Available on All Major Outlets: