September 23, 2020

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J Payne “The Silence of the Lames” album and Music Video!

J Payne "The Silence of the Lames" album and Music Video!

J Payne drops “The Silence of the Lames” album and “The Come Up” Music Video!

Following the release of his 2017 freshman album “Ride or Die” with Light Rider Music J Payne goes hard in the paint once again with his 2019 release “The Silence of the Lames.” This album though a play of words on the film The Silence of the Lambs is actually driven by addressing hypocrisy.

While using Titus 1:16 (contrary to Romans 1:16) as the scriptural foundation of this album J Payne touches on many issues concerning hypocrisy and living a double life. Heavily conscious subject matter with spiritual answer to the issues being addressed.

The Silence of the Lames brings a blend of hip-hop and rock/metal with unique lyricism & delivery. J Payne wraps this album up with a short sermon by his good friend Rev. Joe Hamblen.

J Payne – The Come Up (Official Music Video)


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Physical copies available through facebook and website.

The Come Up music video was shot outside of Orchard Mall in Benton Harbor, MI. This song is addressing the local wannabe rapper stigma while also combating the poison that other local rappers in J Payne’s area push to the people.

About J Payne:

(J)eremy Payne was born in SW Michigan in June of 1989 and spent his teens in SW Florida. Though he grew up around church J Payne quickly in his early teens become a part of what is known as Juggalo Family and Horrorcore Culture.

In his late teens he surrendered to Christ only to find himself running back to his old life a year later. The few years to follow J Payne made his way back to Christ and in that released his first album in 2010 under the name Crazy J. From there he released 3 more solo albums as well as 3 group albums under the name Righteous Talk.

In 2016 he got rid of the term Crazy and simply started going by J Payne then soon signed with Light Rider Music after his release of This Is Life. Since signing J Payne has released two albums (Ride or Die & The Silence of the Lames) and a mixtape (TMNR).

J Payne spent time as a youth leader and is an affiliate of From Juggalo To Jesus Freak, better known as Jesus Loves/Saves Juggalos. He provides music for the outreach via Red Face Movement which he founded in 2013.

The red facepaint is a representation of coming out of the Juggalo lifestyle & being bloodbought. (Rev 1:5) J Payne is married and has 4 kids in which he not only tries to incorporate in his music, but makes sure to bring to any concerts he performs or attends.

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