November 29, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Jentile x Monty G “Wanna Make A Difference”

Jentile x Monty G "Wanna Make A Difference"

Jentile x Monty G drops “Wanna Make A Difference”! Wanna Make A Difference stems from a place of personal pain.

The author, Jentile, was a victim of childhood trauma. It’s through those experiences he is able to extend a empathetic hand to those who have suffered a similar fate.

Spreading a message of love of others over self, Jentile hopes to encourage listeners to do the same.

Audio – Jentile x Monty G “Wanna Make A Difference”:

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Short Bio:

Tim Logan aka “Jentile” is a multi-genre songwriter and performer from St. Louis, MO. As an artist he has focused his career on Christian Hip-Hop.

Having wrestled with childhood trauma, addictions, and feelings of worthlessness, Hip-Hop became an outlet through which he voiced his anger and frustrations. Eventually, after becoming a follower of Christ, it became a tool for him to spread the good news of the cross.

Jentile has had the pleasure of working with other performers such as This’l, Json, Courtney Peoples (formally know as J.R.), MikeReal, Dillon Chase, Monty G, and many other recognizable names.

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