September 22, 2020

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Jordan Rivers- Tell Me That – Music Video

Jordan Rivers- Tell Me That - Music Video

Faith-based songwriter and rapper Jordan Rivers just dropped his new track “Tell Me That.” The song was produced, mixed, and mastered by Adrian Stresow. The artwork was created by Paul Kazadi.

“‘Tell Me That’ is a motivational song about working hard and not giving up in your craft,” said Rivers. “I hope to inspire people to chase after their dreams.”

From the moment the song’s beat slowly echoes into a looped vocal sound, you’ll be hooked. Rivers then commands your attention with his fluid verses that take you into the catchy chorus of:

“And I’m just trying to elevate, I’m on my rise/ Focus on my task, yeah I see the price /If you ain’t down to grind I’m feeling compromised/ If you ain’t down to ride, I’m feeling lost inside – Don’t tell me that.”

Music Video – Jordan Rivers – “Tell Me That“:

Listen to “Tell Me That on SoundCloud:

The single two summer tracks for Rivers, “Other Side” ft. Paul the Messenger and “Rvce” ft. Kamoh. He also released a one-take music video for the song “Yet and Still” in May.

Jordan Rivers’ music has been featured in places such as and the Mr. Galaxy YouTube Page.

Purchase or Stream “Tell Me That”:

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