April 16, 2021


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Josiah Williams – “Today Was Garbage”

Josiah Williams - "Today Was Garbage"

Josiah Williams drops music video to “Today Was Garbage”!

Christian Hip-Hop/Rhythmic Soul artist in Orlando, FL. Josiah Williams released visuals to “Today Was Garbage.”

“Today Was Garbage” is for those who battle with daily struggles and pain, including (but not limited to) sadness, anxiety, depression, frustration, worry and stress.

Video – Josiah Williams – “Today Was Garbage”:

Connect with Josiah Williams

Short Bio:

Josiah Williams can be defined as a lyrically expressive, adult-kid who leaves it all on the stage, and allows his faith to be the center of his artistry! As a performing and creative artist, Josiah utilizes his God-given gifts as an actor, an emcee, a percussionist, a photographer & videographer, public speaker, digital editor, and he leads with his work as a musician.

Williams’ music is reflective, fresh, and engages in truthful storytelling; his recording style is backed by a high-energy, dynamic, crowd-engaging mode of performance! “It’s not just about speaking into a microphone, or just performing my material,” Williams says. “My background is in Theatre Performance, so my goal is always to give the attending audience an unforgettable, inspiring experience through lyrical storytelling.”

When listening to a Josiah Williams track, you’ll get a blended earful of Hip-Hop, Rhythmic Soul and Christian Rap. In crafting his work, he always aims to make universal music—songs that are appropriate for all ages, songs for all walks of life, and songs that take the listener on a journey. “I make music for my homies, and everybody is a homie.”…..

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