Jus Josef “Valley Joe” Album Review by the Bookkeeper247. Spoiler Alert. IT’S A MUST HAVE ALBUM!


From first listen, I was hooked. One thing I love about music is when an artist has the ability to convey a message in their music. I love when an artist has the ability to tell a story. I love when an artist is transparent and most of all I love when a Christian hip-hop artist’s music is filled with testimony and scripture!

Jus Josef should be an artist on everyone’s radar. This man is multitalented and you can definitively tell from the bars and production on Valley Joe. I love his style, I love his focus, I love his passion for music and most of all I love his passion for Christ.

Album Review:


I think the production on this project is A1. From the beat selection to the mixing and mastering I think Jus Josef did an excellent job. When I reached out to him to ask him who did the production on “Valley Joe” he humbly replied, “me.”

I was like, “whoa!” Great job Jus Josef.

Latest Single from “Valley Joe“ – Jus Josef – “Everybody Eats”:

Favorite Tracks:

Everybody Eats, Nowhere Else, The Other Side, Mama, Rock and a Hard Place, What’s It Gonna Take, The Come Back,

Right from the jump on “Everybody Eats” Jus Josef attacks the track like Marshawn Lynch in a Seattle Seahawks Uniform on the 1 yard line in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Denver Broncos!

I knew I was in for a treat when Jus Josef aggressively raps through the verse and then the hook drops! I was like, “LET GO!” The beat was on point, the bars were on point and if you’ve been hungry before you understand!

I think Jus Josef is amazing how he can have a double meaning to his bars. They are relatable to the topic but if you are in your Word then you can hear the scriptures in them. What’s more amazing is he didn’t write a bar down for the whole album, “whoa!”

Favorite Bars:

I was a wretched undone before we moved in with them Catholics, they took my momma in, me and all this baggage/say what you want to say they saved us from all this havoc, and they moved us up North and made sure we got established

Those bars above is from my most repeated song, “Mama!” Jus Josef gets transparent and personal on “Mama” and you just don’t hear it, you can feel it. From drama to deliverance every 16 is personal and I found myself saying, “Dang he been through it.”

What I love the most is by the end of “Mama” Jus Josef is still bringing the HOPE from our Savior Who provides that for all his children. It almost seemed as Jus Josef was making a statement of, even though I’ve been through this it’s no excuse not to give your life to the Lord.

Jus Josef follows up “Mama” with “Rock and a Hard Place (feat. Hnst-T & Karina Lopez).” That rack is another one of my favorites on “Valley Joe.” From the melodic voice of Karina and the bars from JusJosef and Hnst-T this song is a hit.

Jus Josef starts off by talking about the pressure that the saved go through everyday. I personally went through this myself. When you leave your past behind, especially if you have a street story the people in your rear view mirror thinks your soft because you choose Christ and not Glocks anymore.

The discussion Jus Josef has with his homeboy he went to visit in jail sums up what all of us as Christ followers should be telling the lost. I mean who hasn’t been between a “Rock and a Hard Place?”


  1. Everybody Eats
  2. No Where Else (feat. Karina Lopez)
  3.  The Other Side (feat. Profect Offical)
  4. Run Now (feat. Karina Lopez)
  5. Mama
  6.  Rock and a Hard Place (feat. Hnst-T & Karina Lopez)
  7. The Man
  8. What’s It Gonna Take (feat. Karina Lopez)
  9.  The Come Back (feat. Classiq Music)
  10.  Light of the World

Audio – Jus Josef The OtherSide (feat. Profect Offical):


I think this album is only a glimpse of what’s to come from Jus Josef. Jus has something a lot of artist don’t have. See any rapper can tell a story about someone else life and make you think they went through the hustlers lifestyle. They can even make it sound fly. Sometimes to someone who has not been through that they may believe it to be true. You know everybody who was in the game sold keys.(whatever)?

What Jus Josef has though you can tell his story is authentic and from the running out of coffee references you can believe it! You can tell Jus has been there and back and you can also tell there is no fake breaking in his testimony and he is definitely thankful the Lord saved him.

Jus Josef “Valley Joe” is Bookkeeper247 APPROVED with HIGH REPLAY VALUE!

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Connect with Jus Josef

About Jus Josef

Jus Josef is an independent Christian Hip Hop (CHH) artist from the Pacific Northwest, originally from Los Angeles, CA, he has lived in both Oregon and Washington state.

Josef brings a passionate and raw sound that is a gritty testimonial to the CHH culture. His music reflects the street life but points the discussion towards salvation. He has been rapping since he was a kid, finding himself battling other rappers at local parties.

When he turned 18, Josef began working on making music professionally as a way to escape poverty and depending on drug money as an income stream. His 2018 release, ‘Keys to the Kingdom’, is a message that Josef said: “was inside of me for a long time.” “I want to reach those who come from the streets that may be struggling with their walk. Also, I want to attract the lost and share the gospel with them.”

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