October 29, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

Just Ray – Running

Just Ray - Running

Running by Just Ray is a happy and upbeat banger!

Just Ray distinct vocals shine as Ray has fun on this song while telling his testimony. A former inmate who did 10 years in prison is now Running non stop for the Lord.

Matt Midi provides the banging beat and Just Ray laces it with a super catchy. Enjoy and participate in the #RunningChallenge

Audio – Just Ray – “Running“:

Running is Available on All Major Outlets:

Just Ray - Running Challenge

Just Ray Bio:

What makes this Atlanta native any different from any other artist boasting of there city’s pre-eminence? Other than his potent power-packed deliveries and the menacing way he manipulates rhythmic riffs and phrases.

Well after a long stint in prison he decided to renew his relationship with Christ. Now instead of his songs being about sex, drugs, money, and illicit behavior. He now makes songs that build self-esteem, consciousness, love, God, and community.

While some believe his music to be softer others still believe it still has the same hard southern drum lines and deliveries. Impassioned by a desire to make the world a better place with his music. Ray McCullough A.K.A Big Baby Cha-Ching is re-introducing himself to the worlds as “Just Ray”.

After almost ruining his career before it started because of a ill-fated incarceration the self-proclaimed politician of the streets is back to run for president.”

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