Kevi Morse realizes "It's Not Quite Over"

Kevi Morse realizes “It’s Not Quite Over”

Well, people have probably been wondering where has Kevi Morse been for this past month?

After facing some life changing events such as expecting his own kid and the incarcerations of a few family members, Kevi felt the need to step back from everything and refocus. This past month, he has met with mentors who have advised him on how to strategically move forward, not only as an artist but as a man.

Kevi Morse hopes to help others with his story by telling them that it is okay to fall, but it’s in how one gets up that matters most.

From his biggest mentor, his grandfather, these word echo to him, “You see what a man is made of, when under pressure”. What you can expect from here on out is more of Kevi’s open heart as he paints the picture of redemption and the reliance on God throughout his life.

Kevi Morse realizes "It's Not Quite Over"

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