October 25, 2020


Changing the Culture 4 God

O’shay A.K.A. King O – Music Collaboration

Short Bio:

O’shay Bryant aka King O is from Virginia beach, Va. He moved to Garner, NC in middle school. O’shay’s musical influences include J Cole, Kendrick, Nas, and Logic.  Writing raps were a thing he enjoyed but never took it too serious.  While wanting to take music serious he made a life changing decision; he got saved and baptized on February 15, 2015. When O’shay decided to become a Christian, King O became discouraged about doing music because he thought rap was secular. It wasn’t until he met a couple of guys at his church that said otherwise. Now, King O is writing his journey of righteousness to drums and snares hoping to have fans grow with him in Christ.

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Instagram and Twitter: @_young_dread
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