September 29, 2020

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King Wes “Through the Pain”

King Wes Ft Big Nate & LP - Grade A

King Wes Ft Big Nate & LP - Grade A

Bio – The south came to dominance in hip-hop in the early 2000’s partially due to the unique sound that’s brought forth by its artists and producers. One talented artist who continues to bring the unique southern flow to the lime light, is the Alabama born artist known as, King Wes.

King Wes always held an insatiable love for music but decided to embark upon a professional career with it in 2005. One of the most pivotal moments in his life that made him realize that he wanted to become a musician was the lack of hope that ran rampant in Birmingham. He wanted to be able to use his lyrical talent as a platform to be able to provide hope to his community. “My biggest accomplishment would be the influence I have gained over the years,” he said.

King Wes is known for recording huge records such as: “Unstoppable” and “Through the Pain”. The registered ASCAP member has performed in many different markets including: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Ohio.

The most vivid memory of his career is his first live performance. By doing so, made him realize that he had what it takes to compete in this saturated industry. Live performances were also the main promotional strategy that helped to solidify his buzz.

He has a wide array of influences which includes: Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Tupac, Scarface, Dr Alfred Craig Sr, Hart Ramsey, Fred Price Sr & Fred Price Jr. Not only is he influenced by talented artists but by political leaders who helped to shape our country.

The savvy young artist has had the opportunity to work with a plethora of artists and producers such as: BB Jay, Jemison Weddle, Courtland Harvell, Marvin Glaspie, Raycean Campbell, Big Prophet, Snipe Young, Seven Rich, LP, Big Nate, Jessica God’s Bella Wilson, SGR Music Group, and more.

King Wes is currently recording a new EP entitled, “Unstoppable” and is also preparing for an upcoming tour that will greatly help to solidify his brand and to expand his music in more markets.





Listen to Unstoppable – EP by King Wes on @AppleMusic.

King Wes "Unstoppable"

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