September 22, 2020

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Shopè “Know It’s Real: Truth Be Told (EP)” Tracklisting

Shopè "Know It’s Real: Truth Be Told (EP)" Tracklisting

Know It’s Real: Truth Be Told (EP)

What will it take for you to achieve your dreams & goals? What will it take for you to finally start making progress in life? What will it take for you to finally let go of those habits that are holding you back? Basically, what will it take for you to be the real YOU?

The simple answer; BE REAL. Be real with those around you. Be real with God. Be real with yourself. Equally, give others the permission to be real with you, without the fear of judgement. Only then can we truly grow, both individually and corporately and become the people we were created to be.

True to his mission of introducing the world to a real God for real people with real issues, Shopé offers up “Know It’s Real: Truth Be Told” as his newest contribution to that effort. With bold singles like “Jerseys” and “Know It’s Real ft. John Givez”, Shopé’s latest body of work is even more transparent, emotive and daring than any of his prior work.

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To celebrate his new EP, Shopé wants to give away a pair of Reebok Classic Retros. Pre-order for contest details and to enter!

1.) Courtesy
2.) Know It’s Real ft. John Givez, Charlene Nash
3.) Fear (Interlude)
4.) Piped Piper
5.) Highs, Lows, Stories ft. DRW NDRSN
6.) Truth (Interlude)
7.) Enemies ft. Julien, Dru Bex
8.) Jerseys ft. Shiwan
BONUS: Lie To Me (Snippet)
[PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE] BONUS: Jerseys ft. Shiwan (Radio Edit) [PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE] BONUS: Special Announcement [PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE] —

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