Loose is a high energy anthem that is meant to be an encouragement and charge to believers. Jesus tells us several times in scripture that there will be persecution that comes as a result of following Him. For most Americans, the majority of the time that persecution is social and doesn’t necessarily lead to physical harm. Nonetheless, we can still struggle with wanting to fit in and have man’s approval.

The song is entitled Loose with an intentional play on the word. On one hand, it is intended to provoke you to physically praise G-d in dance and enjoying the music (“get loose”), as you think about Christ’s saving work in your life and how He set us free or Loose from the eternal effect of sin. On the other hand, It is a song meant to encourage the believer to keep living boldly for the L-rd, to get away from (or get loose from) caring so much about the approval of others and focus on His approval alone.

Audio – LaToria “Loose RMX” (prod. Black Knight):

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