September 27, 2020

“Changing the Culture 4 God” #Chh #Christianhiphop #tBK247

LJ featuring Chris Mack – “Centipede” Music Audio

LJ featuring Chris Mack – "Centipede" Music Audio

LJ teams up with fellow Do For Three artist Chris Mack to exclaim Centipedes are the best companions – those who only walk 100 in life.

Audio – LJ featuring Chris Mack – “Centipede”:


LJ Short Bio:

Tears filling the eyes of audience members and intense focus of others, LJ had no doubt that thought-provoking and emotion-driven lyrics over tracks combined with high energy engagement was the objective behind his music.

7 years and 4 projects later through several open mics, shows, and churches, the founding of the movement “Do For Three (faith, hope & love through hip hop)” aims to provide listeners and participants of the culture behind the music with an unforgettable experience.

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