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Loose Canon Vol. 2 is filled with rapid fire lyrics with substance, with poetical wordplay and most important with the message of Jesus Christ.

Due to his speed of lyrics and subject matter as Canon states on one of his songs, this album may not be for everyone. But for those of us who enjoy good music, Canon is at the top of his games and created a solid work of musical art. The word that sums up this album is “Motivation”. Canon is certainly motivated and whoever lit Canon’s fuse better watch out. The music is highly charged and explosive.

Loose Canon Vol. 2 is only 9 songs long. When I first saw the track listings, I thought it was short, but Canon delivers on every song. The genius in the limited amount of songs is that there are no waste of songs that we usually hear on various albums. Canon’s rapid fire lyrical style gives more wordplay than many artist give on 16 songs. This is one of those albums which is a “throwback” to the days when you can play a cd from start to finish. Although all the songs have tight beats and strong lyrical content from all appearing artists, the following songs stand out as instant bangers are: Motivation, Trippen and Put Me On.

Lightning fast raps over hard hitting beats provide the second volume of resounding loose canon blasts. Canon and RMG have produced a soundtrack for life that we can ride to and give us the motivation to achieve Christ’s great commission!

Cannon’s album “Loose Cannon Vol. 2”, is Changing the Culture for God and it’s Bookkeeper approved!

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