Do you know about the Love Triangle?

Are you tired of arguing, fussing and fighting in your marriage? Are you newlyweds or have you just got engaged and want to have a long lasting healthy relationship with your spouse for life? Well in order to do so you have to solve the love triangle equation.

A few years ago my brother-in-law and I were talking and he asked me if I knew the solution for a healthy marriage. I replied, “no.” He said, “in order to maintain a healthy marriage you have to know the four parts of the triangle.”

I replied, “there are only three parts to a triangle were is the fourth?” Then he began to explain.

“In a triangle of love in a marriage, you and your wife start at the two points at the bottom of the triangle far away from each other. God is at the very top point of the triangle far from both of you as well. These are the three parts of the love triangle.”

“The fourth part of the triangle is where you keep Jesus. He belongs in the center. The more you and your wife get closer to God, the closer you get to each other. If you keep Jesus in the center of your heart and in the middle of the triangle, he in return will be in the center of your marriage! That’s how you have a successful marriage.”

All I could say is, “wow! That makes perfect since!”

Apply this in your marriage and watch how God works out everything between you and your spouse. Ever since I found out about the triangle of love my marriage has been outstanding!

The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the LORD. (‭Proverbs‬ ‭18‬:‭22‬ NLT)