April 16, 2021


Changing the Culture 4 God

Mitch Darrell – B.L.M. feat. Yung Jetti Audio Music

Mitch Darrell - B.L.M. feat. Yung Jetti Audio Music

Christian hip-hop artist Mitch Darrell drops B.L.M.(Blacks Lives Matter) in a way that must be heard by all means of life!

Mitch Darrell says, “my new single “B.L.M.”(Black Lives Matter) is written from the perspective of 2 young, black men who feel that the police, and the President, are against them. It touches on using God and the Bible to fix issues of race.”

Audio – Mitch Darrell – B.L.M.(Black Lives Matter) feat. Yung Jetti:

Short Bio:

Mitch Darrell is a young and upcoming rapper and singer from Indian Trail North Carolina. He spits rap with a dope flow and conscious lyrics in an attempt to educate and inform.

He is currently a student at NC State university in Raleigh North Carolina and is the youngest member of the group “Top 3′. His debut project “Black Skin Colorless Soul’ released in January 2017

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