April 18, 2021


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Mitch Darrell – “Darrell” – Album Details + Review

Mitch Darrell - “Darrell” - Album Details + Review

Mitch Darrell drops his best album yet entitled,  “Darrell!” Get the Album Details + Review!

Favorite Songs:

Pronounced DUH-RELL, Mitch is Back, No Turning Back Now, If I Die, Don’t Get Washed Skit, Rappity Rap(Cypher), Big Brother, Stuck, Give Up, Black & Proud


Dondi, Kody Free, Weez the Satellite Kid, Joe Anyinde, Kris Noel, Thomas Iannucci, Alcot, MontytheHokage, James Gardin

Opening Thoughts:

There has been a debate in hip hop for as long as I can remember if lyrics trumped vibe. I came to the conclusion that it really should not be a debate at all. When I think of vibe or beat I can’t think right of hand of a memorable song without thinking about the lyrics first; but when I think lyrics…. more than a few songs come to mind.

Lyrics are standout words in our minds that last for decades, maybe even our lifetime. Lyrics take us back to what we were doing at the time and when we were doing them at the time. Lyrics can advance us as a listener into what we need to be doing. Lyrics also can stop us dead in our tracks because certain lyrics identify with our soul.

With that being said about lyrics rest assured there are plenty of lyrics that standout on “Darrell”, but one of my favorites is “Say bye to the dread head Lando” on “Freestyle”!

I don’t think it’s any secret in our Christian hip hop community now that Mitch and I have formed a bond, a brotherhood of two servants of Christ trying to make it to the promised land. If you just look around our website Mitch is everywhere.😂

Some may think I’m biased towards my opinion about ”Darrell” but I promise you that has nothing to do with this review. I personally feel this is Mitch Darrell’s best work to date.

“Darrell” has a balance of everything, from confessing, testimony, Scriptures to a very good production overall. The album was executively produced by YJO (of Enoch Flow Records), who Darrell has developed a rapport with.

This album has something for every listener. I particularly loved all the skits and what I personally admired about the album was Mitch still found a way to keep it original to who he is with humor and being a Christian as well as a black man in America!

The growth from Mitch Darrel as an artist on this project really impressed me! I will not review every song because you as a listener need to buy this and show support when it drops.

Stream ”Darrell” if you have to but when you get in a better situation bounce back and buy it. This helps artists we love to keep creating beautiful projects.

Album Review:

“Mitch is Back”:

Bar Alert:

“Since Obama, I knew that I could be black and winning. Even Jesus was brown and that’s just a fact I mentioned:”

“I been rapping 4 years but just beginning this/If my life was the Bible I’d still be stuck in Genesis.”

”Mitch Is Back” sets the tone for the album. The jazzy track is perfect at the beginning of the album and it sets a cinematic tone. I loved the way Mitch let the track roll in and didn’t rush the verse in the beginning.

“No Turning Back” featuring Dondi:

Bar Alert:

“Then I stop and remember that I am blessed today/Can’t be doubting my God when I know His resume”

This soulful track is great to hear from Mitch and it speaks volumes to how much he has grown as an artist and shows the direction he is going as a child of God. “No Turning Back” is a very encouraging song for all of us.

To be transparent of your own things you have in your own life that you struggle with and then make a commitment to never turn back to who you were is a great step to the finish line for any Christian.

“Give Up” featuring Thomas Iannucci:

Bar Alert:

Do I just spit for the gram because the views cool/am I really just trying to change lives with a new tool

This song is honest! It’s from the viewpoint I think if we are all honest we have to all admit we have been there before!

Let’s run the numbers up for Mitch Darrel on his best work yet as an artist! “Darrell” by Mitch Darrell is theBookkeeper247 APPROVED!

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Album Details
Title: Darrell
Artist: Mitch Darrell
Release Date: August 28, 2020
Production: YJO
Engineering: Connor Ahlstrom
Features: Alcott, Dondi, James Gardin, Joey Ayinde, Kody Free, Kris Noel, MontyTheHokage, Thomas Iannucci, Weez the Satellite Kiid
Artwork: Eric Boston


Connect with Mitch Darrell

About Mitch Darrell:

Mitch Darrell is an up and coming CHH Artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He raps with a myriad of flows and conscious lyricism with the goal of informing his listeners and broadening their perspectives on race, God and many other topics.