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Mitch Darrell “Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1” Details

Mitch Darrell “Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1” Details

“Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1” is the first official mixtape by Mitch Darrell

Mitch Darrell says that this mixtape was birthed from a period of time where he began feeling as though making music wasn’t fun anymore. He decided to make a concentrated effort to create a project with fun as the priority. Sometimes insecurities and the business side of music can cause artists to forget why they started making music in the first place. From time to time they need to remind themselves.

“Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1” is a mixtape featuring 4 producers and 13 total artists. Each track was written and recorded with the goal of both having fun and teaching something. In all, this mixtape is a compilation of different types of production and different styles of artists coming together to create one fun piece of art that glorifies God.

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Project Details:

Title: Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1
Artist: Mitch Darrell
Release Date: April 16, 2021
Production: YJO, 100graham, Avila, Anabolic Beatz
Engineering: Connor Ahlstrom
Features: gitemjay, TC, J-Phish, Brenno, RAW – B, Kris Noel, Quodraveion, Alcott, Setty, Battz, Q-Flo, Cutright,
Artwork: 3ANDZ

Quick Review On “Rap Should Be Fun”:

Favorite Tracks:

Rsbf, A lot on My Mind, Chop it Up Pt. 2, Rap Til I Die, Punchline

My Quick Thoughts On “Rap Should Be Fun”:

When I first put “Rap Should Be Fun”  on I was shocked. Not in bad way but was surprised to hear bars about God in the beginning.

With the controversy and people that have misunderstood Mitch Darrell I got caught up in the title of the album more than what I thought the context of the album was going to be.

I always hear Mitch saying that if you’re are Christian than that’s going to come out in the context of everything you do. Even without the title of “Christian Hip Hop” a.k.a  “CHH.”

”If I love God than God will come out in my music” Mitch always says. Well on “Rap Should Be Fun” we can tell as a listener he definitely loves God!

With some of the features from some of the hottest young and upcoming youngsters in the genre like gitemjay, TC, J-Phish, Brenno, RAW – B, Kris Noel, Quodraveion, Alcott, Setty, Battz, Q-Flo, Cutright, Mitch pulled of a fun, lyrical, skillful project!

On my personal assessment I feel Mitch is starting to find his lane more. I expect artist to be able to do this from album to album. I honestly can say I see the growth between Dredhead Lando, Darrell and now “Rap Should Be Fun.”

“Rap Should Be Fun” is theBookkeeper247 Approved!

Connect with Mitch Darrell

About Mitch Darrell:

Mitch Darrell is an up-and-coming CHH Artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He raps with a myriad of flows and conscious lyricism with the goal of informing his listeners and broadening their perspectives on race, God, and many other topics.

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