theBookkeeper247 teamed up with upcoming Christian hip hop artist Mitch Darrell to create a show for Indie Artist!

From artist to artist the conversation flows In Mitch Darrell’s interview with Dre Murray. They discuss family, upholding Christian hip hop history, will rap die, Star Wars, the benefits of being an independent artist or signing with a label, Illect Recordings and so much more.

This interview is very informative so join us to find out what Dre Murray thinks about Christian hip hop and the current state.

Thank you, Dre Murray, for taking the time out of your schedule! The interview was dope!

Video – “The Mitch Darrell Show” episode 4 with guest Dre Murray:

0:00 Enoch Flow Record Ad
0:45 Intro
1:12 Beginning of Dre Murray Interview #toiletpapaer 🧻
2:32 Who is Dre Murray the artist?
3:43 How many years has Dre Murray been an artist?
4:20 Who is Dre Murray the person?
5:42 Star Wars – Is Mitch Darrell a bigger fan than Dre Murray?
11:08 How does Dre Murray feel about Christian hip hop today?
14:20. Who does Dre Murray listen to in Christian hip hop?
16:00. Upholding the history of Christian hip hop
18:27. Mitch Darrell brings up the New Wave and J. Cole
19:25. Mitch Darrell and Dre Murray wonder if rap will die/where’s the line in #Chh
20:40 Dre Murray asked where are the lines in Christian hip hop?
21:23 Mitch Darrell asked Dre Murray is s it better to sign to a label or be an independent artist?
27:15 Dre Murray signs with Illect and talks about his relationship with Sphere of Hip Hop
30:48 Mitch Darrell asked Dre what does the rest of your 2020-21 look like musically?
32:09 Figure out what your stream of income will be moving forward(Great Advice)
33:45 Spiritual Standpoint from Dre Murray about Injustice, masks, and COVID-19!
36:30 See what Dre Murray says about J. Crum!
36:45 What does life after music look like for Dre Murray?
39:20 What is Black Gold Creative and what does it have to do with coffee?

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Connect with Mitch Darrell

Short Bio:

Mitch Darrell is a young and upcoming rapper and singer from Indian Trail North Carolina. He spits rap with a dope flow and conscious lyrics in an attempt to educate and inform.

He is currently a student at NC State University in Raleigh North Carolina and is the youngest member of the group “Top 3′. His debut project “Black Skin Colorless Soul’ released in January 2017

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