The conversation is uncomfortable and the elephant is definitely in the room, but through grace and sincerity Mitch Darrell addresses racism in Christian hip-hop.

After seeing Mitch Darrell express issues that are dear to his heart on Twitter I reached out to him because being a black man in America I share some of the same view points.

Lets talk. We welcome all comments in this segment of “Behind the Mic with Mitch Darrell were the topic of discussion is CHH & Racism, Prejudices, Political Divide, Privilege, Christianity, Compassion and more.

Video – MitchDarrell “CHH & Racism; The Elephant in the Room” Part 2:

the Bookkeeper247 thoughts on Mitch Darrell “CHH & Racism; The Elephant in the Room” Part 2:

Being a black man living in what most Americans call the dirty south, Birmingham, Alabama I see racial divide all the time in some form, shape or fashion especially in politics and religion.

It’s almost considered a crime if you are a black Republican in Birmingham or a white democratic. I like how Mitch Darrell touches on that subject. I also like the perspective he comes from about RockstarJt and WHATUPRG.

I would add the fan to me, always seems like they can say anything to an artist and call it love or constructive criticism. I understand that sometimes the artist may need to be held accountable for something they said. But where’s the love or compassion in what that artist may be going through?

Where’s the love and compassion in how you or what you say to correct the artist? Even in different opinions, there should always be Christ in you and respect for others.