Nameless Saint drops “Death” off his latest album entitled, “The Black Album.”

Nameless Saint says “Death” is for the listeners to find out on their own what I’m talking about. I feel it is the most comprehensive songwriting I’ve done to date, as I had a clear idea of the entire picture I wanted to paint, and I think I captured it very well.

So while I remain cryptic throughout the song as to who I’m talking about, the answer is in the song title. The entire song is a letter to the angel of Death.”

Audio – Nameless Saint – “Death”:

Nameless Saint – Death – Audio Music

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Short Bio:

Seeing as my name is not the focus, I chose to be Nameless. Saint because I’m sanctified.

My intention is to make Christian themed music, that non-Christians can still listen to without feeling like it’s “over the top”. My faith is clearly on display, but I want to maintain a relatability to my perspective listener. My goal is not to make music for the church, but to pull people out of the world into the body.