September 24, 2020

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Nameless Saint – Thinly Veiled

Nameless Saint - Thinly Veiled

May We Have Your Attention Please! Nameless Saint drops “Thinly Veiled”

Nameless Saint says, I wrote this song after watching the George Floyd incident, and the following protests and riots… more specifically I wrote it after observing the people I know reactions to those situations.

It’s a response of sorts to those reactions. Specifically to the “Christians” on my Facebook feed who were so quick to slam the people involved in the protests or riots. The fact that their responses were thinly veiled racism, hence the title.

At the same time, it was essentially calling out all white people for being guilty of racism (myself included). There’s all the common rhetoric, “I don’t see color”, or the whole “I have black friends”.

I don’t see color is nonsense, having black friends doesn’t matter. To be brutally honest, I was (we were) raised to be racist, whether we realized it or not.

The wayward thought. The closed group joke. If you’re white and claim you’ve never taken part I have the utmost confidence, as a white man, I can call you a liar and its a more truthful statement than yours.

Even as someone actively fighting racism, I have the surprise racist thought, which is the inspiration for one of the lines in the song.

As the song concludes, I honestly feel that until we (white people) are ready to own and address that, especially within ourselves, then the healing that black people deserve, and we as a nation need, can not happen.

Audio – Nameless Saint – ”Thinly Veiled”:

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Short Bio:

Seeing as my name is not the focus, I chose to be Nameless. Saint because I’m sanctified.

My intention is to make Christian themed music, that non-Christians can still listen to without feeling like it’s “over the top”. My faith is clearly on display, but I want to maintain a relatability to my perspective listener. My goal is not to make music for the church, but to pull people out of the world into the body.

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