Natori Blue Releases A New Music Video: “Spirit Moves”
The Single that Captivated So Many is Now A Video:

Austin, TX: After much anticipation, “Spirit Moves,” the music video, has arrived! Natori Blue, a small-town raised, University of Texas-degreed, veteran school teacher, does a little singing and songwriting on the side. Turns out, her original compositions have landed her on stages of which she’d only dreamed of gracing. After releasing the “Spirit Moves” cd single, her first since 2012, fans who had been on the edge of their seats were more than relieved to be able to enjoy what Natori had been working on behind the scenes; they were not disappointed! From the moment this fresh sound began impacting radio, veterans in the industry such as Isaac Caree began to preface the tune with statements like, “This will be a household name!”

Because the demand was so great, Natori knew she could not stop there. She was ultimately encouraged by a local videographer to give the people what they wanted. So, she did just that. She carved out some time, and she recorded a music video for the books. The stunning visuals combined with the moving lyrics, vocals, and instrumentation certainly earn the “Spirit Moves” video a seat amongst the best.

“As with anything worthwhile, there was a process to endure. And once the restrictions put into place due to COVID-19 took effect, I became discouraged. I really thought this video would not happen.” Natori’s temporary doubts did not win, however. Her desire to wholly deliver this message of hope in song with captivating visuals would come out on top. She made the following faith moves:
• Prayed and received confirmation about the future of the video
• Discussed and formulated a plan with her team concerning how to both lawfully and cautiously proceed with the shoot

The rest, as they say, is history! Today, the official “Spirit Moves” music video is available on YouTube: just waiting to satisfy your curious eyes and ears. So, what are you waiting for?

Video – Natori Blue Releases A New Music Video: “Spirit Moves”:

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