September 23, 2020

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Nerva – Free Indeed – Music Audio

Nerva Indeed

‘Any person can be free if they really want to be, but true freedom means surrenderance to self and submission to the Son of the Most High.’ Nerva

Nerva has dropped two bangers back to back coming off his break from hip-hop.

”Rewind” featuring Tone Spain produced by Derek Minor was the first song Nerva released and like always he didn’t disappoint his fan base.

What I’ve noticed since Nerva returned is two things. One, he definitely wants to point people in the direction to follow Christ and not him! I think that is a huge statement coming from an artist!

Very encouraging that he wants people to know that it’s not about him. It’s about the One who gave him his talents in the first place! A question I would ask any Christian, including myself all the time is, “what are our motives? To make Jesus known or make ourselves known?”

The second thing I’ve noticed which he mentions in his new song, “Free Indeed” is Nerva got back in the Word of God when he took his time off. I think that’s a great lesson for all of us.

Nerva says, “Had to wash in the Word to get free from that stuff”.

What also stood out to me is how Nerva didn’t blame, point fingers, rant or compromise the gospel to make a point!

Nerva said, “the only way he could grow is to let the Holy Spirit take control!” What a great lesson for all of us!

Hot Lyrics:

How will i see if i never believe?
Freedom begin at the ending of me
It don’t matter how much i can achieve
It can fade away as soon as i blink

Audio – Nerva – “Free Indeed”:

Song Title: Free Indeed
Producer: Nerva
Released: 1/18/2019

Short Bio:

Nerva is a Christian, Hip-Hop artist and producer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2012, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and has decided to use his talents to glorify God. Nerva is the owner of clothing brand @Gr8rlifestyle. His aim is to create music, but with a greater purpose – which is to lift up the name of Jesus!

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