October 1, 2020


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Nerva – Over and Over – Music Audio

Nerva - Over and Over - Music Audio

Hip-Hop artist Nerva drops new single “Over and Over”

Over and over I fall but rise above it all through Christ.

“Over and Over” is a song about a person who oftentimes feels misunderstood, overlooked, profiled, marginalized, targeted, rejected or treated unfairly, oppressed and hated upon more than most, yet he/she refuse to use his/her pain and suffering to justify unrighteous behavior.

Hot Lyrics:

I don’t know whats worse: being rejected by the ones you love?
Or being targeted because my skin ain’t light enough?
Authority abusing power that’s discrimination
It’s easier to go to jail than to get good education

Audio – Nerva – “Over and Over“:

Short Bio:

Nerva is a Christian, Hip-Hop artist and producer from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. In 2012, he gave his life to Jesus Christ and has decided to use his talents to glorify God. Nerva is the owner of clothing brand @Gr8rlifestyle. His aim is to create music, but with a greater purpose – which is to lift up the name of Jesus!

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