October 1, 2020


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NomiS – A Million and One

NomiS - A Million and One

In “A Million and One”, Nomis sets the mood of a 1920’s Speakeasy by opening the track with an overtly Jazz inspired chord progression. Imagine a 60 year old man wearing a sweaty suit inside of an equally sweaty night club. Watch as he places a glass of scotch next to an ash tray while waiting for his cue from the piano player. That’s what the instrumental of “A Million and One” feels like. Quickly the rapping begins as Nomis covers a multitude of topics ranging from personal struggle, societal failure, Black exploitation and how our response to these things shape our futures. Though the mood is relaxed, the flow and cadence of Nomis’ rhymes are far from that. This song is definitely for those who are a fan of the art of rhyme with its pattern heavy syntax and ear grabbing punchlines.

Audio: Nomis “A Million and One”

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Written and produced by Nomis. Saxophone by Lloyd Whitty. All other instruments by Nomis.

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