Shopé, Julien, Dru Bex "Now"

Now – Shopé, Julien, Dru Bex Music Video

Role Model Records presents a visual performance of their new single, “NOW” featuring Shopé, Julien, and Dru Bex.

Video – “Now” feat. Shopé, Julien, Dru Bex :

Video by 3 Links Studios:
Production by Adam P & Jeremy Rodney-Hall (Q):

If ever there was a time to stand for truth, it is now. Role Model Records continues with our mission of pointing listeners to the ultimate role model, Jesus Christ. So with a militant and infectious chorus, Shopé, Julien and Dru Bex ask, “Where my role models, time to roll out//wonder who we are, yea I bet they know now”.

Role models, stand up!

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