One thing I like about Pacaso Ramirez is he has bars of scripture, testimony, and he is unashamed of the gospel! Pacaso definitely backs my statement of observations up on “Sparxx Gotta Fly!”

It’s sad to say this next statement but sometimes in CHH, the artist seems like they are trying to fit in with the world instead of being set apart from it. You can tell from the watered-down lyrics.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think you have to say, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus in every bar but at least let me hear His name on the album if you claim to be a Christian Hip Hop artist or a Hip Hop artist that’s Christian.

In Sparxx Gotta Fly by Pacaso Ramirez, he leaves no guessing he is a Christian from track 1 to track 18. You know he is a Christian who’s not perfect but trying to live in Christ every millisecond of his life.

Album Review for Pacaso Ramirez “Sparxx Gotta Fly”:

Favorite Tracks:

Intro, Tell Me Where I’d Go, All I’ve Ever Known, Free Slaves feat. EmtyHipHop, Break Ground feat. Eturniti, False Lights (Spyhunter Mix feat. Mr. Marshall, No Words Explained, Heaven or Bust.

Straight from the jump on the “Intro” from Sparxx Gotta Fly”, you know exactly what you are in for on Pacaso Ramirez album! No sugar coating Pacaso says, “I put on Christ like boots on a uniform.”

Buckle up after the “Intro” because Pacaso gets bolder and bolder with each track as he professes his faith skillfully over 17 more tracks.

“Tell Me Where I’d Go” was the first single off “Sparxx Gotta Fly.” Pacaso mentioned Charles Spurgeon in the track and that caught my attention because Pacaso in his bars is just as biblically sound as Charles Spurgeon one of my favorite teachers of the scriptures.

Video – Tell Me Where I’d Go Breakdown from Pacaso Ramirez:

I could see Pacaso writing his lyrics on a chalkboard like Charles Spurgeon breaking down Revelations. The more I think about it Pacaso is just as bold in his faith as Charles Spurgeon was.

Rest in peace Charles Spurgeon. You have influenced the culture out here and your name still rings amongst the living.

“All I’ve Ever Known” is off the chain!

Pacaso has so many bold bars in this song I personally didn’t want it to end. “Die to competition” was like a WOW moment to me as Pacaso paints perfectly imperfections he has that relates to many.

In “All I’ve Ever Known” Pacaso also says, “I don’t care what the scientists say, that a child can be born with a gene that can make them gay,” enough said about being bold. Pacaso shows you he is not about tip-toeing around the world viewpoints when it compromises the Word of God.

“False Lights (Spyhunter Mix) feat. Mr. Marshall” is my favorite track on the album at this time.

I think in this world it’s easy to lose focus on our mission from God and get caught up in trying to serve two masters. I think it’s easy to have good intentions in the beginning but then when the dollars get involved it’s easy to try and serve two masters.

Pacaso and Mr. Marshall remind us how easy it is to follow “False Lights” instead of the Father of Lights with bars about what happened to satan when he went against God.

Overall this is a solid project by Pacaso Ramirez of Blood Related Records. “Sparxx Gotta Fly” has that classic hip hop feel with metaphors and sound doctrine throughout.

“Sparxx Gotta Fly” by Pacaso Rameriz is for real hip hop heads who love lyricism and it’s Bookkeeper247 Approved!

Track List:

1. Inro
2. Tell Me Where I’d Go
3. All I’ve Ever Known
4. Free Slaves feat. EmtyHipHop
5. Break Ground feat. Eturniti
6. Silly Drunk feat. Jerrell Golden
7. False Lights (Spyhunter Mix) feat. Mr. Marshall
8. He Made Me A King feat. Big Glenn
9. Hope Not
10. In Your Eyes feat. Ray Silver
11. Little Bit Of Truth
12. Transparent feat. Ray Silver
13. Golgotha
14. We Can All Use A Hero
15. Light The Fire feat. Mr. Marshall & Mark Collins
16. I Think I Wanna Die
17. No Words Explain
18. Heaven Or Bust

Pacaso Ramirez = “Sparxx Gotta Fly”:

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Anthony Ramirez, otherwise known as “Pacaso Ramirez” fell in love with Hip Hop music at the age of 6, when he found an LL Cool J & Beastie Boys mixtape in his parents tape collection. He picked up rapping at the age of 8. By the time he was in middle school, he was already winning school talent shows, and being invited to perform at school dances. Music took over his life, and led him down a real dark road that led to creating music that was borderline murderous, slanderous and blasphemous. At the age of 24, being prompted by the Holy Spirit, he gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ, and began changing the way he approached music. He started to view each song as mini sermons, and started using his voice as a vessel to bring God Glory by speaking to people about practical living that pleases God.

Since the age of 24, Pacaso has gone through a lot of life-changing transformations that have cleansed his lips from cursing, cleansed his heart from hate and un-forgiveness, and has given him the ability to spread hope to all who are willing to listen. Now, at the age of 35, he has been renewed, redeemed, and transformed and feels that God is just getting started with him, and that by the end of his life, he will reach more people through the good news of Jesus Christ, than he would have ever reached with just music alone. As he continues to walk out this musical journey in his life, he feels that he is in the midst of a mature prime musically and spiritually, and is continuing to grow. Pacaso is on a mission to be effective locally as well as globally not through just music, but through teaching, through serving, through meeting the needs of people as God sees fit. He feels music is just a platform to open the door to people’s hearts.

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