This song  “Love Me Like You Do ft. Phoencia Richards is basically a song I wrote one night while working the late shift. I was just thinking about how great God’s love for us is, and how no one could ever love us like He does. The song features the powerful vocals of a local worship leader here in my city, Phoencia Richards.

Listen Quan-B – Love Me Like You Do ft. Phoencia Richards:

Prod By: Rock It Productions

Short Bio:

26 years old Quan-B, is curently residing in Shreveport, La. and started doing ministry when he was 16 years old. His ministry has varied from music, to pure on the street evangelism.

“As a husband and man of God, I usually stay pretty busy, but I do my best to balance life as much as possible.” Quan-B

In his 8 years of doing music, Quan-B has released 4 official mixtapes, and 1 album that can be found on all digital media outlets.