September 18, 2020

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Quan-B – “Revive” Album Alert

Quan-B - “Revive” Album Alert

New Album from Christian hip hop artist Quan-B entitled, “Revive”.

Quan-B says, “I went this route because from so many disappointments and issues dealing with my life I felt dead to alot of things…life, God, my marriage etc.

This album speaks on the other end of coming out of this depression. Realizing that the true purpose of my ministry is to speak life into those that listen.

The ultimate goal is to reach the lost at any cost! To remind those who are broken, in need of restoration, strength, peace, that they can be revived by The One who created them!”

Audio = Quan-B first Self-entitled single off Revive Album; “Revive”:

Quan-B – “Revive” – MP3

Revive is on all digital platforms:

Short Bio:

26 years old Quan-B, is currently residing in Shreveport, La. and started doing ministry when he was 16 years old. His ministry has varied from music, to pure on the street evangelism.

“As a husband and man of God, I usually stay pretty busy, but I do my best to balance life as much as possible.” Quan-B

In his 8 years of doing music, Quan-B has released 4 official mixtapes and 1 album that can be found on all digital media outlets.

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