April 18, 2021


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Rapture Ready North Signs New Artist BRODIE DAVINCI!



Baton Rouge, LA – Deep within Rapture Ready Production’s core they believe that there is power in being different and unique. Naturally when they started to branch out and open up new opportunities, like Rapture Ready North, they looked for not just talented artists, but artists that are in a league of their own. 2020 has been an amazing year for RRP and today is another strategic step for the label in the areas of diversification and growth.

Brodie is not a newcomer to the CHH space. Due to the impact his ministry has had on the community, the positive effect has not gone unnoticed. On the music side, he has a long list of Tier-1 artists that he has worked with, including many from the RRP roster.

Brodie will be joining the RRP North division of the RRP brand, led by well-known CHH artist BRM. Brodie will become a key component of RRP’s growth into mainstream, faith based entertainment in the northern region and beyond.

“Super excited for Brodie to join the team. We hit it off after a contest I threw out, which he won, and we really clicked and hit it off. He has a great heart, a tremendous artist who will fit right in with our vision and purpose.” says BRM, President of Rapture Ready North.

CEO JDun stated, “Brodie is truly in a league of his own and we are so excited to have him join the ever growing team here at the label. We believe with him being added to the team everything at RRP will be turned up to the next level.”

Brodie had this to say, “I’m blessed to now be a part of a family who not only will help me grow musically, but spiritually as well. After doing features and collab projects, and getting to know some of the peeps on Rapture Ready, I know that God has his hand on this team!”

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About Brodie Davinci:

Christian Erickson (aka BrodieDaVinci) is a 27-year-old Christian Hip-Hop artist who currently resides in Wilmington NC. Christian was born in Rome NY on January 22, 1993 on the local Air Force base due to his biological father serving in the military.

Since he was a teenager, Erickson has known the Lord. At 15 years old, Erickson was introduced to a youth pastor, Rustin Smith, who would play a huge role in his future ministry.

Rusty introduced Erickson to Lecrae, Flame, Tedashii, and many other Christian Hip-Hop artists. Reid Clark was a Christian Rapper on Erickson’s High school basketball team, and was a big part in inspiring him to start pursuing music.

When he graduated high school, Christian decided that he was going to pursue ministry, which led him in leading and helping with a few different youth groups. While doing ministry, he was working on music and doing shows around the city.

In 2015, Erickson joined the 2013 CHH Rhythm Of Gospel Award winning group Electionsure and brought a new energy and sound to their group.

Electionsure traveled around, made some noise, and did big shows all over the eastern side of the US.

In 2018, due to family growth, Electionsure decided to split and Christian and Wes decided to start a group together called The Process. While a part of this dynamic duo, they released two albums with over 35 songs in total.

Fast forward to today, Erickson is engaged to his beautiful fiance Hannah and will be a father of a beautiful baby girl Harmony in November 2020. He has released many different albums and projects, while even engineering multiple projects for other artists as well.

The Lord has placed Christian in many places over his life where he developed
skills and learned lessons that have shaped him into the man he is today.

November 1, 2020 Christian signed his first record deal with Rapture Ready Productions and Rapture Ready North.

You can find his music on all streaming platforms where your favorite
artists’ music is found by simply searching BrodieDaVinci.

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