April 17, 2021


Changing the Culture 4 God




North Carolina – For years Rare of Breed has been a staple in the independent Christian Hip Hop scene. Working alongside many of the subgenre’s most recognizable names including Mouthpi3ce, Alex Faith, Mike Teezy, and several others. The North Carolina emcee has shown noteworthy consistency.

On his new album GodTwang, released March 12, 2021, Rare of Breed delivers a sound that breaks through the cultural status quo of CHH. While “country rap” has found success in the mainstream with acts such as Cowboy Troy, Big Smo, Haystak, and more recently Lil Nas X, the urban/country collab has remained at a minimum in the Christian space. GodTwang blends Christian rap and Country rap together with a high level of artistry.

“GodTwang is unlike any project on the market,” explains Rare of Breed. “I decided to blend my love of hip hop with my family’s country roots to create a sound that’s truly unique. Not only that, but my faith in Christ comes through in every song.”

The album features Country Rap legends SMO (formally Big Smo) and Haystak as well as Country Christian artist Loren Day. Production for the project was handled by Mack 11 Beats, Jon Ferguson, and Ryini Beats with engineering from Artichoke. A music video for “God Knows” featuring SMO has also been released in support of the album.

Music Video – Rare of Breed “God Knows” featuring SMO:

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Listen to ‘GodTwang’:

Album Details:
Title: GodTwang
Artist: Rare of Breed
Release Date: March 12, 2021
Features: SMO, Haystak, Loren Day
Production: Mack 11 Beats, Jon Ferguson, Ryini Beats
Engineering: Artichoke


About Rare of Breed

Born and raised in North Carolina, Rare of Breed went from the streets of Charlotte to the backroads and tobacco fields of Stella. Placed in foster care at age 8, a therapist gave him a notebook and encouraged him to write his thoughts in order to release his feelings in a healthy way. It started with poetry and slowly evolved into lyrics.

It wasn’t until his teen years that it all turned upside down. He started using and selling drugs, committing crimes, and chasing the “dream” that he heard rappers talk about constantly. It eventually landed him in jail with nine felonies at the age of 18. With nowhere to turn, he hit his knees and God opened the door. He made bail but struggled for three years running from the Lord and full of pride.

Then, on Sept. 4th, 2011, he walked into a church, with his now wife, and asked Jesus to be the Lord of his life. His transformation was so powerful, and the change was so evident, that his family members began to follow.

This new life of faith continues to shape the music he makes and will forever be the center of his message.

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