October 8, 2015

This album provides a new twist to the CHH community. It has the feel of a pop album. It is soulful, upbeat with a mix of R&B with guest rap appearances. The album review provides a track by track review.

Hot Tracks: Game Changer, Go Hard, Show Me, Light Up the Night, All of the Lights, Father I Trust Ya 

Guest Appearances: Milliyon, Lil Raskull, Transparent, Helen Lee, St. Matthew, Erica Cumbo, Sara Delight

Rawsrvnt “Gamechanger” Tracklist:

1. Falling’ In Love (feat. Milliyon): This is an up tempo song. It sets the tone of album.
2. Game Changer (feat. Lil Raskull): Hook on this song is banging. This title track is one of hottest songs on the album.
3. Go Hard (feat. Transparent): Another hot track. Rawsrvnt and Transparent “keep spreading truth”.
4. Show Me (feat. Helen Lee): Nice chorus, inspirational track to trust in God. Let God show you life. Nice show of versatility on this song.
5. My Music: Another good chorus. On this track Raw is telling the whole his music is for God.
6. Won’t Stop (feat. St. Matthew): This song has a reggae vibe. It is ok, but not my flavor.
7. Light Up the Night (feat. Erica Cumbo): This is a great song for married couples.  One line of the song says, “God comes first but after Him you next.” These are the right order of love priorities.
8. Lost Without U: This cover does not work for me. With so much good original content on this album, this cover isn’t needed. Maybe Raw was just having fun.
9. All of the Lights (Spoken Word): Great spoken word piece. Different then other albums. Track starts like an a capella.  More artist should do this. Great idea. Hot track.
10. Father I Trust Ya (feat. Sara Delight): great song for adding positivity to a negative day. The first verse describes a typical day for so many of us face.  This is one of my favorite songs of the album.  Very uplifting and encouraging.


Overall this is a good album. I really enjoyed listening to it. I have it on my phone and will keep it in rotation for a while. Rawsrvnt and his listeners should be proud of this body of work.

This album is Bookkeeper Approved!!!

Rawsrvnt keep Changing the Culture 4 God!